Time Totalizers

Time Totalizers

We are a leading Supplier of high grade Time Totalizers in the market. It incorporates a self-starting synchronous movement ensuring accurate summation of on time of any AC supply circuit. It records time in hours or minutes down to tenths. All types are suitable for flush panel mounting and completely enclosed and have built-in life time lubrication. They are available in without reset and with reset facility. The reset type Time Totalizer is provided with removable type knob to bring all digits to zero. The quality of Time Totalizers is unmatched and is offered in reasonable prices.

  • Air Compressors
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Portable AC Generators
  • Laboratories

  • Comes with an elaborate coding system
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Crafted out of high quality raw material
  • Easy to install
  • Available at affordable prices

  • Mini Time Totalizer
  • Time Totalizer
  • Time Totalizer - Top view

Coding System
  • Type : TT - Time Totalizer, MTT - Mini Time Totalizer
  • No.of digits
    • (For with Reset type)
    • (For without Reset type)
    • (For MTT)
  • Reset
    • K - with reset
    • Absense of K - without reset
  • Reading
    • HZ - Records only hours
    • H - records hours and 1/10thof hour
    • MZ - Records only minutes
    • M - Records minutes and 1/10thof minute


Models Reading With Reset 4 DigitsWithout Reset 5 DigitsWithout Reset 7 Digit
HoursTT4K / HZ (0 to 9999) TT5 / HZ (0 to 99999) MTT7 / HZ (0 to 99999.99)
Hours and 1/10TT4K / H (0 to 999.9) TT5 / HZ (0 to 9999.9)
MinutesTT4K / MZ (0 to 9999) TT5 / MZ (0 to 99999)
Minutes and 1/10TT4K / M (0 to 999.9) TT5 / M (0 to 9999.9)

» Technical Data

Operating Voltage 200-240V AC (other voltage on application)
Frequency50 Cycles
Duty CycleContinuous
Power Consumption2.5 watts approx.
Temperature-20oC to +60oC
High Voltage Test2 KV
Face Size90 mm x 90 mm (48 mm x 48 mm for MTT7 / HZ)
Weight400 gms. approx. (60 gms. for MTT7 / HZ)
Counting Range99999 or 9999.9 for without reset type
9999 or 9999.9 for with reset type
99999.99 for Mini Time Totalizer
Height of Digits4 mm
MountingFlush Panel
ConnectionsTo any one phase and neutral as shown