Rotary Switches

Rotary Switches

We are a leading Supplier of optimum quality Rotary Switches which are highly efficient and have long working life. These are hand operated, in open execution which incorporates rotary action. The air break type wiping contacts are housed in an assembly of packets molded from anti-tracking thermosetting plastics. The stationary and moving contacts are operated by actuating mechanism to achieve desired Switching Circuit. These Switches are designed for On Load/ switching and covers a wide range.

Optional Accessories
  • Handles
  • Indicating plates
  • Center key lock & Cubical door interlock

  • Large Current and Voltage Range
  • Has a high Voltage Test
  • Conforms to the standards of the industry
  • Made up of high grade raw material

Technical Data

Current Range 10, 16, 25, 40, 63, 80, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 & 600 Amps
Voltage Range 250 OR 440V AC, DC OR AC/ DC
Mechanism Slow Break Quick make for AC switching
Quick make Quick Break for DC switching
Spring return mechanism for AC and DC switching, principally for Breaker Control
High Voltage Test Switches withstand 2.5 KV for one minute
Temperature Switches are suitable for use upto 50oC (max) ambient temperature
Mounting Arrangements Flush at the back of panel
Flush at the front of panel (Base Mounting)
Universal Mounting (100-600Amp. switches are with universal mounting only)
Blocked Positions Switches are also supplied with unwanted position/s blocked when specified
Specification Switches conform to IS 13947 (Part I & Part II) 1993
  • 100-600 Amp. switches are supplied with Quick make Quick Break mechanism only
  • 6-8 position switches are supplied with Slow Break Quick make mechanism only. Not recommended for DC switching